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Festivals of all types in Australia have, in recent years, become a mecca for people of all ages, no matter there nationality or gender.

Partyoz Entertainment specialises in festivals of all shapes and sizes, allowing everyone involved to come together to celebrate and express themselves in a safe environment filled with amazing light shows and special effects. With sound systems catering for any size audience that fills the air with all types of music, we encourage a feeling of laughter and energy; this is our constant goal.


Partyoz Entertainment has become one of the leaders in Festival entertainment, combining state of the art light shows, energised DJ entertainers, infrastructure support, management and promotions and marketing experience built around 26 years of industry experience with some of Australias biggest acts.

Partyoz Entertainments team of dedicated staff constantly strive to deliver a unique blend of high octane entertainment combined with a strict level of management ensuring a safe and energized enviroment for everyone to enjoy, we bring a level of experience that is unquestionably professional at all times.


Let our team of professional staff, DJ entertainers, MC's, lighting technicians and dedicated promotional staff lift your event and take it to the next level.

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