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You and your friends be the star of your next function or event.

Partyoz entertainment provides Karaoke & MC entertainment weekly at numerous venues throughout Victoria and New South Wales. 

Our Karaoke Hosts have many years of experience having hosted hundreds of unique and regular functions for various types of clients.

Partyoz entertainment can provide Karaoke entertainment for any type of function ranging from staff parties, birthday parties, Christmas parties or even karaoke for football clubs or sporting clubs which is becoming a huge part of our business. 

Karaoke is not limited to what age, religion or sex you are, anyone can give it a go and have a great time as well.

Partyoz karaoke hosts provide support throughout your function, we provide multiple cordless microphones so that you and all your friends and family can join you on and share the fun experience and have a good laugh as well.  


Add something different to your event with a Partyoz karaoke night.

Our trained professionals come with a complete setup including speakers, cordless microphones and a huge amount of songs avaliable with 1,000's of songs ranging from the classics to the latest top 40 songs.


Bring out the rockstar in you and call our friendly staff for your next karaoke event, its not about how good you can sing it's about the memories you'll take home with you.

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